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Water mill from Bornholm at Frilandsmuseet. One of the photos taken during a Wikimedia Denmark "Fotodag" (photo day) meetup in June 2012.
Photo cake for celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Wikipedia in January 2012.
Winner of Danish Wiki Loves Monuments in 2012, a photo taken by Peter Rinder.
Townhall of Aarhus. Photo taken by Villy Fink Isaksen for Wiki Loves Monuments 2012.
Nordic Wikimedia chapter meeting in Gothenburg November 2012.
Nordic Yearbook.

Annual report 2012 for Wikimedia Denmark.



Wikimedia Denmark is the organization supporting Wikimedia activities in the Denmark, such as promoting Wikipedia. Most of the active members are based in Copenhagen and most activities also takes place there, though a few activities have occured outside the capital area.

In the begining of 2012 Wikimedia Denmark had 18 paying members.[1] A board was elected at the general assembly in 2011 which served until a new board was elected in September 2012, consisting of 5 members and two substitutes. Reelected as chairman was Ole Andersen (User:Palnatoke). The board usually meets each month, alternating between face-to-face meeting and board meetings held via IRC.



In 2012 Wikimedia Denmark organized a number of events. The most recurring events are the so-called WikiWednesdays typically taking place the first Wednesday each month in Copenhagen. These are informal meetups usually organized by the chairman of our organization and announced on Facebook and as a site notice on the Danish Wikipedia. During the winter month the meetings are mostly held indoors at cafés, while during the summer months we usually held these meetings outside.

The beginning of the year, 28 January 2012, the 10 year anniversary of Wikipedia, WikiX, was celebrated at the Guldbergsalen at the National Museum with a photo-cake and a screening of the Wikipedia documentary Truth in Numbers?.

In 2012 Wikimedia Denmark also participated in the international event Wiki Loves Monuments.[2] Eligible objects for photos for the competition came from lists provided by the Heritage Agency of Denmark ("Kulturarvsstyrelsen"). The photos from the event were uploaded and added to a category on Wikimedia Commons: Images from Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 in Denmark. This category has over 550 photos.

The so-called "photodays" have been held since 2011. These events bring Wikipedians together each with his or her own camera shooting photos of a particular site. In 2012 we organized photodays at the Open Air Museum ("Frilandsmuseet") in June[3], in "Brede Værk" in August and at "Den Kongelige Afstøbningssamling" in November. Statistics now (September 2013) show over 1450 images categorized under "Nationalmuseet" and 600 of them used on the Danish Wikipedia.[4] The Brede Værk category, including subcategories, was exanded from 9 images to well over 200.[5]



In 2012 Wikimedia Denmark had collaboration with a number of other organizations.



The perhaps most successful collaboration has been with the National Museum under the title "Wikipedia Loves Nationalmuseet". It was within this collaboration that we were able to organize the photoday "Wiki Takes Brede Værk" in august 2012 at one of the museums under the National Museum and gaining access to areas of the museum that are only open to the public after special arrangements. Previously in 2011, the collaboration organized two photodays at the main site of the National Museum. The collaboration allows us to get special permission that is required for upload of images to Wikimedia Commons since the National Museum does not allow commercial photographing. The National Museum also provided space for the annoncement of the Winner of the Danish part of Wiki Loves Monuments 2012.[6] Furthermore, the National Museum collaboration resulted in a resident Wikipedian position. The museum hosted our chairman Ole Andersen for two months in April and May of 2012. At the time 9 employees at the museum were active on Wikipedia in various ways. Another Wikipedia-in-Residence session took place at the Royal Library from October to December 2012.

Meetings was also held with Odense Bys Museer (the museums in Odense).

Wikimedia organizations


Wikimedia Denmark has some collaboration with other nordic Wikimedia chapters: In April 2012 one Wikimedia Denmark board member participated Nordic Wikimedia Chapters Oslo meeting.[7] In November 2012 two members of Wikimedia Denmark participated in the Nordic Wikimedia 2012 meeting in Gothenburg held in connection with the FSCONS meeting. Danish, Norwegian and Swedish chapters have produced a Yearbook printed in 1000 copies.[8]

Other collaborations


Some of the 2012 WikiWednesday have taken place at the premises of companies, e.g., the February meetup was help at the office of the newspaper Information.


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