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Masks at Green Academy 2020

Here I prefer to go by Z. (zhe/zir)
(as simplified US-English name initial, instead of a Slavic name challenge that too many fail)

(would be ~zBlace if MediaWiki would allow me to decide on capitalization exception, like it has among Wikimedia projects).

Commited to OpenKnowledge and OpenCulture, but also SituatedKnowledge and UnderCommons passionate. I am also supportive of OpenGov and OpenData initiatives, as well as all participatory methods that help emancipate under-represented.

My background is in (scattered) histories in different wiki and media cultures, mostly outside Wikipedia sphere. Though I am a fairly early Wiki user/promoter/educator, I was only seasonal Wikipedia contributor for many years, now turning into Wikimedia/Mediawiki educator and general wiki culture researcher. I am a member of organizing team of QueeringWikipedia Conference and was first Wikimedia in residence in Croatia (at G.K. Rijeka 2020). [1]

2020 was busy with #femWikiRAINBOW #checkInEditON, #towardsQueeringWIKIPEDIA and Wiki Loves Dalmatia and Kvarner...that also moved into 2021 together with much work around Movement Strategy (CEE Hub and The Capacity Exchange), but also more work in the region as theme ExPatYUGOdiasporas as well as in the local and lingual contexts.

My interest in research and deployment as an artist (aRt+D[2][3]) makes me focused often on infrastructure, organizational and communication/collaboration forms and formats.

More biographic info in the context of new media culture, activism and CEE

I joined Meta and recommend it to users who are looking for more structural understanding and overview of protagonists, contexts and resources within Wikimedia ecosystem. My contributing is related to:

  1. supporting new projects/activities and learning from existing/past
  2. learning about systems, workflows, tools and policies

Work notes or toDOne list here might include.:

  • >> November


  • >> December
    • organize self-documentation


  • >> January
  • >> February