Wikidag 2017

Fra Wikimedia Danmark
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PROSA, Vester Farimagsgade 37A.

Wikidag 2017, Saturday 16. september 2017, 10:00 – 15:00. PROSA, Vester Farimagsgade 37A, ved Vesterport Station, København.

We hope, to see as many Wikipedians and other interested in wikis & Co. There is free entry for the event.



Wikidata, SPARQL and Co.

Screenshot of Scholia, a website that makes extensive use of Wikidata and SPARQL.

10:00. Finn Årup Nielsen (@fnielsen), board member of Wikimedia Denmark, Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark.

Wikidata is the "secret" sister project of Wikipedia, where users can collaborate around structured information. The structured information is made available for queries both through MediaWiki's standard API and through SPARQL engines. These tools enable powerful queries across the very broad range of topics covered by Wikidata. This talk will give an introduction to the SPARQL query language, the Blazegraph SPARQL engine and the Wikidata Query Service that uses Blazegraph to expose Wikidata data. Furthermore, the talk will touch upon federated queries to external databases, supporting tools made by Magnus Manske and some of many application that has been of Wikidata data beyond Wikipedia.

Finn Årup Nielsen has been a long-time contributor to the Danish and English Wikipedias as well as Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata and other Wikimedia projects. He has written several research articles on Wikipedia and won second prize in a challenge with an prototype app that used data from Wikidata. In the past year, he has developed the Scholia webservice that makes extensive use of the SPARQL queries and plotting implemented in the Wikidata Query Service for exposing the "superbibliography" available as part of Wikidata.

Talk is in English.

Global Biodiversity Information Facility


11:00. Donald Hobern (@dhobern), Director at Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF, is a global organization headquartered in Denmark.

Data from Global Biodiversity Information Facility is linked in Wikidata via a property [1]. Around 1.8 million items in Wikidata is linked this way. For instance, chimpanzee is linked to

In English




We will collectively order lunch. You might want to bring cash to pay for lunch.



13:00. Søren Johannessen (@neogeografen).

Søren Johannessen is a prolific contributor to open geodata. He blogs from Read more about his work at the Mapillary blog here:

In Danish, or in English if need be.

SPARQL Workshop


14:00. Finn Årup Nielsen

Bring your own laptop and you will get hands on experience with some of the topics covered through the day. You will learn how to use the powerful Wikidata Query Service at to do queries and plots.

We will attempt to see whether it is possible to answer questions like the ones listed below with the Wikidata tools, OpenStreetMap and GBIF information:

  1. What are the names of current female mayors of Denmark?
  2. Where is the nearest chimpanzee?
  3. Which digital photos do we have of paintings available in public Danish galleries in year 1917?

In English.

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