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Flere kvinder på wiki, editathon, 9 March 2019
Balloons for the Flere kvinder på wiki event at Egmont Publishing.
Basket of names of notable women at the Flere kvinder på wiki event.

Annual report 2019


Coop Garage invited us for evening session in February 2019 and Finn Årup Nielsen gave a presentation of Wikipedia, Wikidata and related.[1] Coop Garage is a grassroot project made by people associated with Coop. They were particularly interested in crowdsourced information. Around eight people participated and the event provided for a venue with a lively discussions, e.g., around the possibility of making use of Wikidata for description of products.

Flere kvinder på wiki (more women on the wiki): Wikimedia Denmark was contacted by a group from Egmont Publishing for etablishing an edit-a-thon with a focus on women biographies on the Danish Wikipedia. Egmont is one of the large Danish publishing houses and the group is behind the website that features among the top ten in terms of monthly users[2] and regarded as one of the new successful website from Denmark.[3] Originally scheduled for January, it was moved to 9 March 2019, the day right after International Women's Day and fitted well within that theme. As a highly professional publishing company, Egmont could muster impressive PR for the event: Before the event, the theme and the event were featured in an article in one of the large Danish daily newspapers,[4] the European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, tweeted about it from her 245K-followers account,[5] a popular Danish politician, Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen, made a Facebook video promoting the event,[6] and two TV news features aired, a TV 2 News feature right before the start of the event, and one the same evening by the main TV 2 channel in their primary news program. It has a viewship of almost 500.000, corresponding to around of third of the national audience share.[7] The event was co-organized by the organization KVINFO, which also provided information about the event.[8] The head of this center, Camilla Hersom, spoke at the event.

Néné La Beet, preferred to give an introduction to Wikipedia at the Flere kvinde på wiki event.

Around 90 people participated the Saturday afternoon from the Egmont canteen and an unknown number of people may have participated remotely. Well over 100 new women biographies were created. Four board members from Wikimedia Denmark assisted with technical help and experienced Nene La Beet gave an introduction to Wikipedia.

An article on the Danish digital media Heartbeats summarized the event.[9]

Art+Queer Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon: A somewhat smaller editathon took place on 13 April 2019 in Warehouse 9, Halmtorvet, Vesterbro.[10] A couple of Wikimedia Denmark members participated.

HACK4DK is an annual hackathon held in Copenhagen by Danish cultural institutions. In 2019, HACK4DK was held at the Statens Museum for Kunst 15–16 November,[11] with a follow up event at 29 November 2019.[12] Several board members participated in the event and one member created a website with artworks from Danish galleries with photos as stored on Wikimedia Commons and metadata from Wikidata.[13] A Danish blogpost documented the project.[14]

"Langdyssen ved Toftebjerg": One of the 10 winner images of the Danish Wiki Loves Monuments 2019, photographed by Appazphotography back in 2014.

Wiki Loves Monuments: In 2018, Wikimedia Denmark board member Karen Mardahl organized a restart of the Danish participation. In 2019, she continued with organizing the event. We had 9 listed participants and 2 jury members, where one was the former Wikimedia Denmark chairman Ole Palnatoke. 316 images are now uploaded under the "Images from Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 in Denmark" Wikimedia Commons category[15] and 10 of them was selected as winners.[16] Wikimedia Denmark did not participate in Wiki Loves Classics 2019[17] but one of the images from WLM 2019 was apparently selected for that Wiki Loves Classics competition.

Wikidag 2019: Wikidag (Wiki day) is a half-day annual workshop and held in connection with the general assembly. For Wikidag, we usually invite speakers from outside the Wikimedia community. In 2019, we had Danish speakers, most with an academic background and presenting information from their published scholarly work. Jens-Erik Mai spoke from his article Wikipedians' Knowledge and Moral Duties, Birger Hjørland had written Evaluation of an information source illustrated by a case study: Effect of screening for breast cancer and Henriette Roued-Cunliffe had written Forgotten History on Wikipedia. These three academics were from University of Copenhagen. Apart form these academics we had a session focusing on notability on Wikipedia. This session was handled by Matthias Smed Larsen from Wikimedia Denmark and Merete Sanderhoff from the National Gallery of Denmark. The event took place Saturday 14 September 2019 at PROSA, headquarter of the Danish union for IT workers.

WikiWednesday, which was a monthly meetings for Wikipedian primarily on the Copenhagen area, have been discontinued.


Wiki Labs Kultur[redigér]

Discussing Wikipedia-integrated educational materials at the March 1 Wiki Labs Culture meeting.

Wikimedia Denmark, together with Danish GLAM institution, particularly Copenhagen-based GLAM institutions continue a fruitful collaboration within the Wiki Labs Kultur (Wiki Labs Culture) umbrella. Wiki Labs Kultur primary activities are monthly Friday workshops at Copenhagen GLAM institutions. We benefit from the professionalism of the GLAM-affilited people, with Merete Sanderhoff as the key organizer. In 2019, Sanderhoff was interviewed for the blog Borgerforskning (Citizen research) at Rigsarkivet (the National Archive of Denmark) where both Wiki Labs Kultur was discussed as well as the Netflix' usage of open media from the National Gallery of Denmark in the Alias Grace miniseries.[18]

Wiki Labs Kultur work was also reported in the English-language This Month in GLAM Denmark report for February 2019.[19]

EU Copyright Directive[redigér]

Together with other Wikipedias, Danish Wikipedia joined a blackout over concerns of the proposed EU Copyright Directive. Back in 2018, Wikimedia Denmark board member Matthias Smed Larsen had written an op-ed for Berlingske, a major Danish newspaper. The blackout created renewed attention on the issue of the EU Copyright Directive and its effect on Wikimedia projects and related ressources. Matthias Smed Larsen was interviewed to an article in Berlingske.[20] This was but one of several media presences that Larsen and also the Wikimedia Denmark Chairman took part in, including national TV and radio appearances.


Wikimedia Summit 2019
Wikimania 2019 Group Photo with some members of Wikimedia Denmark.

Wikimedia Denmark (WMDK) is the organization supporting Wikimedia activities in Denmark, such as promoting Wikipedia. We are a small organization. For the general assembly in 2019, it was noted that we had 16 paying members. We have a small but healthy economy mainly based on members fee. The board was elected at the general assembly in September 2019 and was composed of 6 members with Finn Årup Nielsen as chairman. Wikimedia Denmark now has MobilePay, an easy electronic payment form.

Drawing of presentation on Wikidata lexemes at Wikimania 2019 by the Wikimedia Denmark chairman.

The Wikimedia Denmark chairman participated in the Wikimedia Summit 2019, the international meeting for Wikimedia people in Berlin. Most of the board members of Wikimedia Denmark participated in Wikimania 2019. The proximity of Stockholm to Denmark was an advantage. Wikimedia Denmark board members also participated in a regional Wikimedia Northern Europe meeting in Estonia in October 2019.

Wikimedia became member of the umbrella organization OpenDenmark, that seeks to further the open initiatives in Denmark. The chairman of Wikimedia Denmark participated in the inaugural meeting in May 2019 in OpenDenmark.

Wikipediajournalen is a monthly newletter on the Danish Wikipedia with varying amount of content. In 2019, Wikimedia Denmark board members have written a few articles about, e.g., an editathon event,[21] EU copyright directive,[22] election to Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees[23] and Wikidata lexemes.[24]

As one of the affiliates, Wikimedia Denmark voted election for the affiliates-elected board members for Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees.

Charlotte S.H. Jensen[redigér]

Charlotte S.H. Jensen died in the summer 2019. She was highly active in the Danish cultural crowd-sourcing community and helped Wikipedians and Wikimedia Denmark several times. Jensen was the organizer of several editathons and photo-sessions where Wikipedians participated. She also helped Wikimedia Denmark with space for several events, including an annual Wikidag event and the celebration of the Danish Wikipedia 10 years anniversary at the National Museum of Denmark. Her open-mindedness and active participation will be missed very much.

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