Annual report 2020

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Annual report 2020



The COVID-19 situation affected Wikimedia Denmark i 2020 with many events moving online. This had the fortunate effect that people from outside the Copenhagen area were more likely to participate.

Wiki Labs Kultur[redigér]

Wiki Labs Kultur is a effort between cultural institutions and Danish Wikimedians. Through the years we have had monthly meeting at Copenhagen cultural institutions. We continued these meeting in 2020.

Wikidag 2020[redigér]

Jeppe Bundsgaard.

Wikidag is an annual half-day workshop held in connection with the general assembly, usually taking place in Copenhagen, in Danish and with invited speakers. Because of the pandemic the physical meeting was cancelled this year and we instead held the workshop as a small video conference via Google Meet.

We invited Jeppe Bundsgaard, Professor at Aarhus University, to speak of the role of Wikipedia in education, particular on the level of Folkeskolen.


  • Undervisning
  • Høring om offentlige data.

  • 5 Media Karen.

Response to legislation[redigér]

Wikimedia Denmark attempts to monitor relevant Danish proposed legislation. There is a specific Danish website, Høringspotalen at, that announces relevant proposal for legislation that organizations and individuals can comment on.

In 2020, Wikimedia Denmark submitted a comment[1] for "lov om ændring af lov om videreanvendelse af den offentlige sektors informationer" (law about change in law about further application of the public section information) that relates to European Union legislation EU 2019/1024 "Open data and reuse of public-sector information".[2] Wikimedia stressed that Danish open data should be compatible with the Wikimedia licenses Creative Commons Share-alike-attribution and Creative Commons Zero, i.e., that redistribution, commercial distribution and no creditation.[3] The Danish law was presented to the Danish parliament in february 2021.[4]


Wikimedia Denmark financial statement for 2019–2020.

At the General Assembly on 19 September 2020 Finn Årup Nielsen was reelected as Wikimedia Denmark chairman. Four other board members was reelected: Jan Friberg, Asger Nørgaard, Steen Thomassen og Karen Mardahl. Former board member Matthias Smed Larsen was elected as substitute. Thyge Larsen was elected as auditor.

The board has used Google Workspace (including meeting, gmail and chat), Trello, Wikimedia Etherpad and the Wikimedia Danmark wiki for communication. We have previously used Skype, but have switched to Google Meet. We have now the possibility to let member pay dues via MobilePay.

International meetings has been limited. Finn was scheduled to take part in the cancelled Wikimedia Summit.

In 2020, Wikimedia Denmark became member of OpenDenmark, and umbrella organization for organizations interested in openness.

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