Annual report 2022

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Annual report 2022


Financial statement for the financial year 2021–2022 for Wikimedia Denmark.

Wikimedia Denmark is an organization in Denmark that supports Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. The board of five persons had been elected September 2020 at the general assembly and throughout 2022 had board meetings at approximately monthly intervals, usually online using Google Meet. At the general assembly in September 2022, five board members were elected. One board member stepped down, an a new stepped in. Wikimedia Denmark has a small and healthy economy with no staff.

During 2022 we received a message from Wikimedia Europe and expressed interest in joining the organization.

A proposal for a strategy plan was approved by the board in August 2022.[1] Work on setting up a secretariate has not materialized.

Response to legislation[redigér]

Proposal for a law on the regulation of social media (L 145, Danish: Forslag til lov om regulering af sociale medier) was published in March 2022 from the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and scheduled for discussion in the parliament in 2022.[2] Wikimedia Denmark boardmember Matthias Smed Larsen formulated a 3-paper consultation response[3] In it we stressed:

  • The exceptions for online encyclopedia should be interpreted broadly, so that platforms such as Wikibooks, Wikisource and Wikidata should also be covered by exceptions
  • The definition of illegal content
  • "Overimplementation", where the content is removed from a social media platform if there is uncertainty about the legality of the content.
  • User-moderation as opposed to centralized moderation.

A parliamentarian asked the minister to answer the comments from Wikimedia Denmark.[4] The proposal was withdrawn in June 2022.


At editathon about Connections.
Portrait of the artist Suada Demirović taken during the Connections editathon.
Slides from an introduction to Wikipedia at the Connections editathon.

The Danish Wikipedia had its 20 year anniversary in 2022. It was celebrated with an event at the Danish Film Institute in Copenhagen on 28 January 2022. Around 15 people participated, where we scheduled several talks by people from community.

We can edits editathons at a library in Nørrebro, Copenhagen had a participation of around 14 people and toke place on March 8, 9 and 19 2022. The editathon and its theme was the subject of a part of an episode of a cultural radioprogram, Kulturen på P1, on the DR, - the national broadcaster in Denmark.[5]

One of the board members participated in a seminar with an organization in the area of photo and film (Landsforeningen til bevaring af Foto og Film).[6]

Members from Wikimedia Denmark participated in Engaging Citizen Science Conference with a demo session on 25 April 2022 at Aarhus University. This was together with a volunteer from OpenDenmark and community lead of Wiki Labs Culture.[7] The session was titled Wiki Labs demo - Learn how to use Wikipedia to build a strong knowledge-sharing community.

The Community Tech team of the Wikimedia Foundation visited Copenhagen in October 2022 and two from the board of Wikimedia Denmark meet with the team.

In September 2022 we has our yearly Wikidag in central Copenhagen. Wikimedia Denmark chair Finn Årup Nielsen presented the Scholia Wikidata-based webapplikation, Florian Meier gave a talk about multilingual Wikipedia, Laura Allessandretti presented "Wikipedia and Cryptocurrencies. Interplay Between Collective Attention and Market Performance" and finally Wikimedia Denmark boardmember Matthias Smed Larsen talked about notability.

Throughout the year Wikimedia Denmark has continued the Wiki Labs Kultur events, online as well as offline, together with Danish cultural institutions, particularly the National Gallery of Denmark. On December 2, Wiki Labs Kultur featured an edit-a-thon in connection with an exhibition by the National Gallery of Denmark, Connections — Danish artists from Ex-Yugoslavia. A short introduction to Wikipedia editing was given by a Wikimedia Denmark member. Several articles where written and a few photographs in relation to the exhibition was uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. Within the Wiki Labs Kultur group there were also efforts to organize mass-upload of photographs from silent movies from the Palladium film company.

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